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Congratulations on your decision to take the first step toward better health. Allow us to guide you through the steps to becoming a new client of Bloomington Wellness & Rehab. We want to make your first visit to our office amazing. Nothing beats the ‘golden rule’ and we strive for that every day at Bloomington Wellness!

1 - Schedule Appointment

Step #1 – Schedule Appointment

The first thing you’ll need to do to become a client in one of our offices is to schedule an appointment. Bloomington Wellness is a technologically advanced office, and you will notice that in the ease we provide in appointment scheduling. Our most unique and popular way to schedule appointments is through our real-time online appointment scheduling service. This is not like other offices where you can ‘request’ an appointment and someone calls you back to actually schedule a time with you. Here you can register yourself and select an actual time slot that works for you and you are done!

If that is not your style, we’d love to hear from you by phone – so feel free to give us a call: 952-881-2800 (Bloomington) or 612-767-2800 (Shakopee).

You may schedule online for nearly all of our services – chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture. Scoliosis Solutions of MN scheduling may require your speaking with our staff on the phone to set up the proper type of appointment.

2 - Complete Paperwork

Step #2 – Complete Paperwork

After you’ve scheduled your appointment then you are ready to select the proper paperwork and complete it before arriving at our office.  You will find needed forms below for all of the services offered at Bloomington Wellness.  We have found that downloading, printing, and filling out your intake documents to be more time-efficient than most online form filler software, so please do your best attempt to complete the documents needed for your first visit.  Paperwork is no one’s favorite, but at BWC we have done our best to make it as easy as possible.

3 - Welcome To Our Office

Step #3 – Welcome To Our Office

You’ve scheduled your appointment, and you’ve completed the paperwork.  Great! The next step is getting to our office for your appointment.  You can find directions here, we are located in the Normandale Village shopping center between Lund’s and Ace Hardware on the corner of 98th Street and Normandale Blvd in Bloomington, MN, or on Dean Lakes Blvd, near Qdoba in Shakopee, MN.

Once in the office you will be greeted by one of our office staff, they will collect any paperwork you’ve brought with you, an insurance card, your ID and if you thought to bring any outside records or x-ray reports they’ll collect that as well.  The front desk staff will have a couple of documents for you to sign and may collect some further information on one of our iPad kiosks.

4 - Evaluation and Treatment

Step #4 – Evaluation and Treatment

Bloomington Wellness offers numerous services so after the initial steps that brought you into our office, here is where your experience will diverge based on the service you are seeking. If you are a chiropractic client you will meet first with one of our chiropractic assistants and they will answer any of your questions, tour the office with you, and perform a couple of non-invasive scans of your spine and feet before introducing you to the doctor. If you are coming for a massage you will likely meet up with your therapist or technician directly out of the reception room and they will assist you along to the next steps of your experience at Bloomington Wellness.

Your comfort is our priority throughout the entire process of your initial visit. Should you have questions or requests to better your experience, please ask – we are here for you and we appreciate your decision to trust us with your health!

4 - Evaluation and Treatment

Step #5 – Wrap-up and Reschedule

Your doctor or therapist will offer ample opportunity to ask questions during your initial visit but as you are wrapping up your visit and checking out at the front desk, please ask any further questions you may have, clinical, financial, or administrative. We will do our best to send you home having all of your questions answered. While checking out after your visit you may have some financial responsibilities to take care of, we may have missed a signature or some other data that needs to be completed, but finally, it may be time to reschedule for your next appointment. While you are welcome to schedule online after you have returned home for any necessary follow-up appointments, our front desk staff has a much more flexible scheduling system you may wish to take advantage of.

So that’s about it, in just a handful of steps you have joined a new family! We look forward to getting to know you and assisting you toward your health goals! Welcome to the Bloomington Wellness family!

*Bloomington Wellness Center | Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy

Thank you for taking the time to complete the proper paperwork prior to arrival at our office. It can be tedious but collecting this information aids your doctor or therapist to help with your concerns, in addition, required to comply with government and insurance regulations. Please let us know if you have questions, we are here to help.

Select the appropriate forms below, the links will take you to our online form tool. Thank you!



*Auto Injury Form

*General Insurance & Self Pay

*Medicare (*please complete the first 2 tabs in addition to the complete General Insurance forms, for new Medicare patients)

*Pediatrics (Under 12)



Massage Therapy

*Intake Form


Scoliosis Consultation

*Intake Form


DOT Physical

*Main Form

At Bloomington Wellness & Rehab we are committed to making care affordable for anyone! Most of our services are covered by insurance, others require self-pay. Below is some detail to help you learn about payment options.



Health insurance has changed drastically in recent years. Often patients pay higher premiums, have higher deductibles & co-pays, and have fewer covered services. At Bloomington Wellness we understand the challenge of getting quality care at an affordable price. We have created a pricing structure that allows those with poor health insurance coverage to receive the care they so desperately need.



Bloomington Wellness is an in-network provider for most insurance companies in the Twin Cities such as Blue Cross, Medica, and Medicare. We will work with you to take full advantage of your health care coverage. Call us at 952.881.2800 and one of our staff members will be glad to walk you through this process. Typically the best way to learn what you have for coverage is to provide us a copy of your insurance card and our office staff will call to verify benefit coverage. Below are some of the insurance companies we work with regularly.


Auto Accidents & Personal Injury

Most of the time, if you were injured in an automobile accident, your or the other driver’s auto insurance will cover your chiropractic or medical expenses. There is rarely a provider limitation when using an ‘injury’ type of insurance. You may have been injured in an automobile, a business, or a home – often in those cases, a “personal injury” insurance is typically responsible for your care, not your health insurance provider. Typically you are permitted to self-refer to the provider of your choice. We would be happy to consult with you about your options for receiving the care you need and the coverage provided by your insurance. Please give us a call today or use our handy real-time online appointment system. Below are just some of the auto insurance companies we work with.



If you have Medicare Bloomington Wellness would love to help you. The US government has set up a wonderful health care program for our retired and elderly citizens. It seems that complaints abound about the limitations of Medicare but the fact remains that coverage for chiropractic care under Medicare is actually very good. There are a number of rules the patient and provider must closely adhere to in using Medicare for health care services, but once you have done so, the benefits are very good. Please be aware Medicare does expect its clients to have a small amount of financial responsibility in a chiropractic setting. There is no legal way around these fees but we assure you they are insignificant, we would be more than happy to disclose the details of their fees in person or just give us a call at 952.881.2800. We look forward to working with you!



Injuries at work happen, and injuries driving your car for work happen as well. Injuries at work can be severe and have an impact not only on your health but your work and family life. Bloomington Wellness understands the complexities of all of these matters and desires to help you through the challenges. Generally, if your injury is related to work you are allowed to select a provider of choice, but you may need to discuss that with a supervisor or your HR department. The state of Minnesota typically permits 12 weeks of care with a chiropractor, so if you have been injured contact us today. We will help you get back on your feet!



Bloomington Wellness & Rehab is experienced with the utilization of Health Savings or Flexible Spending accounts in our office. Virtually all of our services qualify for this healthcare tax incentive. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding the use of your HSA/FSA in our office.

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