“The wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.”

— Hippocrates

Chiropractic Care

Optomize Health & Care for Symptoms

Chiropractic care is the backbone of our practice (pun intended!). Voted Bloomington’s #1 chiropractic clinic for five consecutive years because those who see us know we care.

Massage Therapy

Rehab, Relax and Refresh

Massage therapy isn’t just for your birthday anymore.  With the value of massage increasingly being discovered, access and affordability have followed suit.  BWC offers the best massage program around, skilled therapists, relaxing environment and no sales pitch to ruin your relaxation.

Scoliosis Care

Expert Advice and SpineCor Bracing

If your child has just been diagnosed with a scoliosis or you have been living with a curve in your spine for decades, there is help.  Twin Cities Scoliosis & Bracing Center is the only SpineCor certified facility in Minnesota.


East Meets West at BWC

Acupuncture is no longer alternative in western medicine.  Insurance companies cover it, the medical community recognizes it and patients are exploring its benefits more than ever before.

Custom Orthotics

Assesing Biomechanics & Correcting Gate

The feet are the foundation to our structure as humans.  Alter the function of your gate and your frame must accomodate.  Orthotics are more affordable and functional than ever.  Custom orthotics are made to your specific condition or sport, accounting for your own biomechanics.

Kinesio Taping

Neuro-Mechanical Correction to Promote Rapid Healing

Gone are the days when only world class athletes could wear colorful tape all over their joints and muscles helping them achieve their best.  Now anyone can benefit from this time tested procedure called Kinesio taping.

Laser and Electro-Therapy

The Red Light That Heals

Healing lasers can be found in countless areas of medical and dental practice today.  There benefits are well researched and have now been time tested.

decompression therapy traction

Spinal Decompression

Mechanically Assisted Traction to Relieve Pain

Nonsurgical spinal decompression is a specific mechanically assisted traction of the spine, which can help bulging or herniated disks to retract, taking pressure off nerves and other structures in your spine.

Wellness Store

Resources That Can Help

The Wellness Store is in place to help any who might need at-home resources to help them in their journey of health.

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