Acupuncture & Cupping

East Meets West at BWC

Restore Balance

Painless, comforting, and restorative forms of therapy.

Improve Overall Health

Acupuncture & cupping is no longer alternative in western medicine. Insurance companies cover it, the medical community recognizes it and patients are exploring its benefits more than ever before.


Originating in China, acupuncture and Cupping is among the oldest healing systems in the world. Its main goal of these therapies is to restore your body’s balance and improve your overall health.

Many people view acupuncture as an “alternative medicine.” Something you only try when nothing else has worked. At BWC, we see acupuncture in a different light and believe that acupuncture can complement chiropractic care, massage, exercise, physical, and nutritional therapy, magnifying the results of these approaches.

Acupuncture treatments involve inserting hair-thin needles just below the skin in very specific points on the body to stimulate energy connections throughout the body. This often activates a response in your body’s immune, circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems, to help the body to heal.

When administered properly, acupuncture carries minimal risk of injury and virtually no side effects. The needles are sterile, regulated by the FDA, and used only once. Dr. Brittany Brownell and Dr. Cory Emberland are licensed and certified by the MN Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

For most patients, acupuncture is a painless, comforting, and restorative form of therapy. Acupuncture should never be painful, although the patient will experience some sensations that are indicative of a therapeutic response.


Cupping Therapy is simply placing glass or silicone cups on specific areas of the body to loosen muscles, encourage blood and lymph flow, and sedate the nervous system. Though the cupping marks or circles that often ‘show off’ ones experience with cupping, those marks are not bruises, thus they are not usually painful. The marks are typically just an indication of the fluids built up in the tissues in that area. Drawing that fluid to the surface helps the body to clear it quickly, promoting the healing response.

Conditions Treated

Conditions treated through acupuncture and cupping are almost limitless, from pain to anxiety, depression to sinus problems, PMS to edema – please let us know if you are interested in acupuncture or cupping and the potential of treating your specific condition with one or both of these therapies.


Since Acupuncture and Cupping are not always provided for under health insurance, Bloomington Wellness Center has made these incredible therapies very affordable. Single session: $52, (5) Sessions: $225 10 Sessions: $425.

(Available: Bloomington Location, cupping may also be offered by a Massage Therapist – at either location, please inquire)

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