A Strong Spine Is A Happy Spine

Clinically Proven

A spinal rehabilitation program providing a strong and healthy spine.

Spinal Testing & Rehabilitation

The foundation of Bloomington Wellness’ spinal rehabilitation program is the MedX Medical Spinal Testing & Rehabilitation Machines. Rehabilitation clinics around the world have experienced amazing results using the MedX Medical Lumbar & Cervical Extension Machines to treat acute & chronic neck & low back pain.

About MedX Spinal Therapy

A strong healthy & spine provides a foundation to prevent spinal problems. It allows individuals to perform their normal daily activities & employment pain-free.

Clinically Proven

The MedX Medical Lumbar & Cervical Extension Machines are proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of acute & chronic neck & back pain.

Medical Evidence

Evidence shows that 80% of chronic spinal pain is due to muscle weakness, which increases as damage to the spine worsens.

60 Scientific Studies

The MedX Medical Rehabilitation Machines have undergone extensive scientific study. They have been compared to a variety of other methods of strength & endurance training, the results demonstrate MedX’s superiority.

Medical evidence shows that 80% of chronic spinal pain is due to muscle weakness, which increases as damage & weakness in the spine worsens. Weakness of the spine can lead to conditions such as herniated discs, facet syndrome, sciatica, & degenerative joint disease. These conditions can lead to chronic spinal pain, extremity pain, & headaches.

A strong spine provides a foundation that prevents spinal compression & allows normal daily activities & employment pain-free.

The MedX Medical Lumbar & Cervical Extension Machines have been clinically proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of acute & chronic neck & back pain. Before MedX set the standard the medical community did not have an effective way to isolate & strengthen the muscles of the spine. These machines provide the first tools capable of producing specific & accurate testing of functional spinal strength, & providing the gold standard of rehabilitative exercise.

The History of MedX Spinal Rehabilitation

Arthur Jones, the legendary founder & developer of Nautilus Exercise Equipment first pioneered the concept of high-intensity, joint-specific strength training. He was the first to develop machines dedicated to each area of the body. He proved, through exhaustive research, that this type of exercise is the most effective way to get results in the shortest period of time. When Jones evaluated the back extension machines available he found they did not do an adequate job of strengthening the back muscles. In 1972 he began fourteen years of research & development with the goal of designing the first meaningful tools for testing spinal function, strength, muscular endurance, & ranges of motion.

In 1986, he founded the MedX Corporation, & after years of development & testing, validated by independent research teams at the University of Florida, perfected the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine. He subsequently developed the Cervical Extension Machine providing the medical community with the first tools capable of producing specific & accurate tests of functional ability, as well as the finest source of rehabilitative exercise. These machines have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world eliminate back & neck pain. Arthur Jones devoted his life to educating people about the proper way to exercise, he designed equipment best suited to his training methods.

Patients are seated comfortably in the MedX Medical Cervical or Lumbar Machine. In the Cervical Machine, the muscles in the torso are restrained so that only appropriate muscles of the neck are targeted.

  • Because the cervical muscles in the neck must continually support the weight of the head, weak muscles can lead to headaches, neck pain, & poor posture mechanics.

In the MedX Medical Lumbar Machine, the muscles in the abdomen, hips, & legs are restrained so that only the specific muscles in the low back are targeted.

  • Weak lumbar muscles are responsible for back pain, leg pain, stiffness, & many other debilitating complaints. All exercises performed in the MedX Medical equipment are computer monitored. Movements are slow, gentle, & efficient. Typically treatment time on MedX Medical equipment is only a matter of minutes per session.

MedX’s data recording & processing software allows operators to safely & accurately determine a patient’s physical limitations & show improvements in neck & back strength. The software calculates the accurate range of motion & muscle strength at numerous joint positions by factoring out torso mass, stored energy, tissue compression &/or joint elasticity, & a lack of reasonable effort by the patient.

Reports are generated showing comparisons between age-matched &/or gender-matched norms. MedX’s computerized reports offer doctors, patients, & their insurance company accurate, quantifiable data to use in determining a patient’s level of disability at the beginning of treatment, & their degree of improvement at the end of treatment.

Improvements in isolated neck & lower back strength have been shown by extensive research to correlate with increased improvements in quality of life & increased function.

The ingenuity behind MedX’s success in helping patients become pain-free & regain functionality is its ability to isolate the deep muscles of the spine during strengthening exercises.

MedX equipment is designed to accurately test your low back & neck, identifying existing or potential problems. Precise measurements of range of motion, strength, & endurance are then compared to established norms. This allows us to accurately assess the spine in a number of different ways & takes into consideration the individual needs of the patient. This leads to fewer flare-ups of symptoms & a much easier rehabilitation process.

Unlike other spine-strengthening exercises that involve muscles in the arms, abdomen, or legs, MedX targets only the muscles responsible for maintaining the alignment and anti-gravity properties of the spine. Poor spinal strength, alignment, & compression due to spinal weakness lead to pain. Patients hoping to avoid surgery or those who have undergone surgeries for back & neck pain but are still suffering can receive positive results after only a few sessions with MedX.

  • Individuals with recurring episodes of neck or back pain
  • Individuals with chronic neck or back pain
  • Individuals who have chronic headaches caused by the cervical spine
  • Individuals who have injured the neck or back in a motor vehicle accident
  • Individuals with herniated, bulging, or degenerative discs
  • Individuals who have not responded to or get only temporary relief from traditional physical therapy or chiropractic treatment
  • Individuals who continue to struggle after surgical intervention.
  • Most importantly, all individuals can benefit from MedX Spinal Rehabilitation. Factors in life such as poor posture, ergonomics & injury impact each of us. Despite all efforts, the spine will weaken over time as we age. Utilizing MedX Spinal Rehab allows all of us to build back strength & help each of us regain function & health.

Handful of Clinics Offer MedX

Bloomington Wellness & Rehab is one of only a handful of clinics in Minnesota that offers MedX Medical Lumbar & Cervical medical evaluation & treatment.

The state-of-the-art computerized MedX Medical testing & strengthening equipment is used to test & treat patients with neck &/or low back pain as well as limited range of motion resulting from long-term pain & dysfunction.

What makes these machines so special?


MedX Lumbar Extension Machine

The MedX Lumbar Extension Machine provides functional testing & rehabilitation of the lumbar spine.

A unique method of stabilizing the pelvis, providing true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar spine (erector spinae & multifidus). Weakness in these muscle groups has been associated with chronic low back pain & susceptibility to future back injuries, pain, & disability.

MedX Cervical Extension Machine

The MedX Cervical Extension Machine is similar to the MedX Lumbar Machine. It isolates the deep musculature that stabilizes the cervical spine.

The cervical spine is responsible for many actions, its major duty is supporting the weight of the head. Weakness in the neck muscles leads to chronic neck pain & headaches. MedX rehabilitation is effective because it isolates & strengthens specific areas of the cervical spine.

Training specific movements & restricting abnormal compensation patterns individuals will regain strength & learn to move the spine properly again.

MedX Treatment for Neck Pain & Injury

Bloomington Wellness & Rehab utilizes MedX Medical Cervical-specific testing & rehabilitation equipment to precisely measure strength, range of motion, & endurance in the cervical spine to help uncover the source of your neck pain. We are then able to design a customized treatment & rehabilitation program utilizing this same equipment to isolate & strengthen injured muscles in the neck. Weakness is a major source of neck pain & dysfunction, and if not treated can lead to more serious problems such as herniated or bulging discs & headaches. The core of our neck rehabilitation program is the MedX Medical Cervical Spinal Testing & Rehabilitation Machine. We are one of only a handful of clinics in Minnesota that offers this MedX Medical testing & strengthening service.

This state-of-the-art computerized MedX Medical Equipment is used to test then treat patients with neck pain &/or headaches, as well as limited range of motion resulting from long-term pain & dysfunction. Weakness in the deep cervical spinal muscles has been associated with chronic neck pain, headaches, & susceptibility to future neck injuries. There are many devices & exercises which claim to strengthen the cervical spine, but MedX is the gold standard. MedX is backed by many scientific research studies, decades of industry use, & hundreds of thousands of successfully treated patients.

The MedX Medical Cervical Extension Machine is an effective, proven solution for patients who suffer from chronic neck pain &/or headaches. Cervical muscles must continually support the weight of the head thus weakness can cause chronic neck pain & headaches.

The MedX Medical Cervical Extension Machine is designed to isolate & strengthen the muscle groups that support the cervical spine by utilizing a unique restraint system that stabilizes the torso & isolates the cervical spine.

During isometric strength testing, the machine uses an integrated load cell to accurately measure isometric torque. Testing & rehabilitation must be performed pain-free, not only for the test to be valid but, to avoid irritating the neck.

Isometric testing allows patients to control the test & discontinue if discomfort occurs during the testing. The machine also allows us to perform the testing every three degrees through the normal 126 degrees of normal pain-free cervical range of motion. Validity is then achieved by effectively stabilizing the torso to achieve cervical muscle isolation through this pain-free range of motion.

Isometric Testing

Isometric Testing is performed using the MedX Medical Cervical Extension Machine at up to eight (8) positions through a 126-degree range of motion (ROM) in 18-degree increments, including 0, 18, 36, 54, 72, 90, 108, & 126 degrees. At each test point, the user is asked to exert force against the headrest of the machine; which is connected to the movement arm & load cell, for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. During this exertion, the MedX Rehab software visually displays the force exerted by the user on the display screen. At the conclusion of the exertion period, the force reading is automatically saved & the user is moved to the next test point. This process is repeated until the user has been evaluated at all test points within their pain-free range of motion (ROM). The resultant data is then utilized by clinicians to evaluate the strength of the muscle groups that support the user’s cervical spine.

Dynamic Exercise

Dynamic exercise sessions are performed through a pain-free motion until the isolated muscle groups are exercised to exhaustion. In accordance with MedX protocols, patients exercise with a resistance weight of 50% of the peak torque reading obtained from their isometric test. The patient performs a slow seven-second repetition for 20 repetitions or volitional fatigue whichever occurs first. If the patient is able to reach 20 repetitions the resistance is increased in the next session. If they are unable to reach 20 repetitions the resistance remains the same for the next session.

Exercise Frequency

Due to its unique ability to isolate & strengthen the muscle groups that support the trunk, the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine requires no more than two (2) exercise sessions per week, preferably 2 days but no less than 1 day between exercise sessions to allow the muscles to recover. Because of Medx’s ability to isolate functional weakness, significant improvement is reported within the first few weeks & often within the first few treatments. Even patients who have suffered from low back pain for years note significant improvement quickly.

The Medx approach is powerful & proven, thousands of satisfied patients can attest to it. Many patients have tried other treatments including physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, epidurals, & medication prior Medx without achieving the results they had hoped for. After Medx Medical Spinal Rehabilitation patients are able to resume a pain-free lifestyle. Many return to activities they haven’t done for years & never thought they would be able to perform again.

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