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Physical Rehabilitation


Bloomington Wellness & Rehab Offers More Than Traditional Clinics!


For over two decades Bloomington Wellness has grown, expanded, and innovated. Our latest innovation is our biggest and most valuable to date.

We have added Medx Rehabilitation Therapy, the gold standard in spinal stabilization, but that is just the start. Comprehensive rehabilitation is our next big step toward being the most comprehensive physical medicine facility in our region.

Do you have new or old injuries in your shoulder, ankle, or another region of the body? Bloomington Wellness & Rehab can now help you back on the road to recovery! We offer comprehensive programs to help restore you to your best-self.


Physical Rehabilitation Services offered:

  1. Medx Spinal Rehabilitation
  2. Comprehensive Manual Therapy Service
  3. Long & Strong Stretch Service
  4. Joint Specific Rehab Program
  5. Custom Accommodative Fitness Program
  6. Balance-Back Restoration Service
  7. One2One Restorative Exercises